Warning Signs that Your Septic System Is Facing a Blockage


As an eco-friendly means of disposing of household waste, septic systems need to tick along smoothly for you to enjoy their benefits. If you treat it right, you may only need maintenance and repair services once every few years. However, misusing the system can lead to blockages, which you should respond to promptly. At first, a septic system's blockage may not seem obvious. It's because of this that you need to understand what the warning signs are, so you can act promptly.

31 July 2018

How Often Should You Pump Out the Septic Tank in Your Home?


Septic pumping is an essential procedure that involves getting rid of the sludge, water, and floating matter in your septic tank. Pumping is important in maintaining the performance and efficiency of your septic system. It gets rid of the waste and prevents the wastewater from overflowing. The procedure also unclogs any blockages in the septic tank and drain field which could interfere with the functioning of the entire systems.  Most people who have septic systems in their homes have never pumped them, and they don't even know how often the procedure should be undertaken.

26 July 2018