Three Reasons to Opt for a Sand Filter System in Your Septic Tank


Although septic tanks in their present state are a fairly modern invention, some of the concepts behind them have historic roots. For over 100 years, homes and businesses around the world have used sand to filter unsavoury substances from their effluence. Today, most people do so with a view of using the end product elsewhere. If the time to choose a new filter for your septic tank is on the horizon, there are lots of reasons to opt for sand for your wastewater system.

Sand makes filtration easier if you live in a rocky area

Unfortunately for those who live in rocky environments, there isn't enough soil present to make their septic tank system effective. In such settings sand acts as an excellent alternative. The effluence that passes through it will still come out of the other end in a usable state, making it ideal for watering and other gardening activities.

As a natural filter sand is eco-friendly

If you want your household to act as a friend to the environment rather than a threat, your septic tank will play a big role in your success. As a natural means of filtering waste, sand uses less energy than other methods. Because of this, you'll reduce your home's carbon footprint, resulting in an environmentally-friendly way of life.

You can use sand in multiple areas of your septic tank

When it comes to water management, few materials are as versatile as sand. You can use it in the pre-treatment and side-stream and for polishing areas of your tank. It's thanks to the multiple placement sites that sand often produces effluent that's ideal for reuse.

Sand is a cost-effective solution for households on a budget

If you're searching for a cost-effective means of managing your waste, don't overlook sand. It has a simple design that carries out high-level cleansing using some of the most basic functions. While it's ideal for those who are on a budget, it's still effective. Alongside eliminating dangerous viruses and bacteria from the water, it casts out protozoan pathogens, making it a safe solution for those who want to use the water it produces.

Whether you need to install a new septic tank or you're considering a fresh filter system, don't overlook the benefits of sand. Thanks to advances in modern technology its ability to cater to larger households is increasing, making it more accessible for those who previously turned it down.


13 August 2018

Septic Services: A Detailed Guide

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