Distinguish Between Septic Tank Pumping and Cleaning


Your residential septic system features a large underground tank called a septic tank. The septic tank is what collects all the wastewater and human excreta that exits your house and separates it into three main layers: sludge (solids), scum (floatables) and effluent (liquids).   Keeping up with septic tank maintenance is essential to avoid problems with your septic system, allowing it to keep functioning well and extending its life. Septic tank pumping and cleaning are two essential tasks you should perform on your septic system.

23 May 2022

Which Process Should You Use to Treat Wastewater?


Domestic wastewater is not safe to drink or cook and need to undergo a purification process to eliminate the pollutants and contaminants that can cause diseases. You can use simple or advanced wastewater treatment methods, depending on the treated water's end-use and the desired water quality. Generally, simple techniques might be cheaper but cannot purify wastewater when you want to use the treated water for sensitive applications. The following are wastewater treatment methods suitable for treating water under different conditions, as explained.

8 April 2021

Tips for Getting it Right with Septic Tank Maintenance


Regular septic tank maintenance ensures that your system runs smoothly and lasts long. Maintenance is a broad concept, and that is why it is important to ensure you target the very maintenance that your system needs. How is this possible? The answer lies in inspecting your system. Based on the findings of the inspection, the septic tank maintenance crew will know exactly what to do so you can continue to enjoy all the advantages of your system.

22 October 2020

Practical Tips on How to Maintain Your Septic Tank Effectively


Do you use a septic tank to manage wastewater and sewage in your home? Septic tanks come in handy when your building isn't connected to the grid sewage system, and as such, it is crucial to ensure that they function effectively for years. One of the best ways to attain this is through maintenance. This enhances the system efficiency, extends the life of the septic system, and minimises repair expenses by reducing the probability of unexpected faults or breakdowns.

25 June 2020

Top 3 Things to Keep in Mind Before Installing A Septic Tank System


Having a septic tank system in your home is imperative when it comes to wastewater management. However, installing a septic system is usually a costly affair. Therefore, you need to make careful considerations of various factors before installation begins to ensure you have a septic system that gives you the highest value for your money. Below is a summary of some of the most significant things you need to keep in mind when planning to install a septic system on your property.

29 October 2019

Three Reasons to Opt for a Sand Filter System in Your Septic Tank


Although septic tanks in their present state are a fairly modern invention, some of the concepts behind them have historic roots. For over 100 years, homes and businesses around the world have used sand to filter unsavoury substances from their effluence. Today, most people do so with a view of using the end product elsewhere. If the time to choose a new filter for your septic tank is on the horizon, there are lots of reasons to opt for sand for your wastewater system.

13 August 2018

Dispelling Important Myths About Septic Tanks


If your home currently benefits from a septic tank, how well it functions will depend on the way you treat it. Unfortunately, buying into certain septic tank myths can result in yours functioning at a less-than-desirable level. To ensure this doesn't happen, it's a good idea to learn what they are. It isn't necessary to add bacteria to your septic tank Your septic tank will only function at an optimal level when it has enough bacteria.

6 August 2018

Warning Signs that Your Septic System Is Facing a Blockage


As an eco-friendly means of disposing of household waste, septic systems need to tick along smoothly for you to enjoy their benefits. If you treat it right, you may only need maintenance and repair services once every few years. However, misusing the system can lead to blockages, which you should respond to promptly. At first, a septic system's blockage may not seem obvious. It's because of this that you need to understand what the warning signs are, so you can act promptly.

31 July 2018

How Often Should You Pump Out the Septic Tank in Your Home?


Septic pumping is an essential procedure that involves getting rid of the sludge, water, and floating matter in your septic tank. Pumping is important in maintaining the performance and efficiency of your septic system. It gets rid of the waste and prevents the wastewater from overflowing. The procedure also unclogs any blockages in the septic tank and drain field which could interfere with the functioning of the entire systems.  Most people who have septic systems in their homes have never pumped them, and they don't even know how often the procedure should be undertaken.

26 July 2018